Age Slower, Get A More 'Athletic' Body, & Master The Other Half Of Fat Loss... Just 10 Minutes Of These Follow-Along "Body Repair" Circuits Will Restore-Your-Body And Accelerate Your Body Results.

Despite our best efforts, 'most of us' have virtually no idea what we're doing when it comes to stretching, so we say its "pointless" — when, in fact, "stretching" the right way can easily double the speed of your fat loss results.

Instantly figure out why you're tight and how you can fix the problem in just 10 minutes a day — you'll enjoy faster results and a more capable body.

Dear Friend,

This lesson is for your body — I'm writing this letter to let you know about something almost every client I've ever trained or patient I've ever seen has - the wrong muscle strength to length ratio. This imbalance slows down workout results and sometimes-even-prevents any progress from taking place.

You may be trying to lose fat, build muscle, or get out of pain but simply are not getting results fast enough. In just 30 seconds, with a postural assessment that you can do at-home, we'll identify exactly what is holding you back from getting the results you deserve.

A 'warm-up' is meant to bring more blood and oxygen to the "cold" muscles you're about to use — the best way to do this is by gradually increasing intensity and workload on your heart, not by stretching.

Once your muscles are warm and filled with blood, only then are they likely to respond to stretching. In truth, a much more effective purpose for "stretching", or muscle elongation, is function, not warm-up.

By prioritizing stretching for function, you’ll be working on the 50% of fat loss and muscle building that virtually nobody else is.

In order to see optimal results from your exercise program, you need to balance strength and length. 'Stretching for function' means just that: balance your body's muscle strength and muscle length, and you'll see faster results.

Warning: Warm-Up Stretching Doesn’t Work & Can Lead To Injury

Unless you warm-up for at least 20 minutes with some combination of aerobic and anaerobic activity, it's unlikely that your muscles are prepared to stretch — not to mention, your flexibility may actually get worse.

In addition, if you are stretching a muscle when you should be 'mobilizing' it, you could be increasing your risk of injury every time you work out or go for a run.

For example, there is a lot of conversation about stretching being bad for runners. In truth, flexibility may be the culprit when mobility, another form of stretching, is proven to reduce incidence of injury by 3-fold.

A bit of clarification: there are three kinds of "stretching", not one.

  1. Flexibility — Passive stretch on a muscle. For example, stretch until you feel a slight burn and hold the position.
  2. Muscle Mobility/Activation — Your muscle's ability to lengthen with movement. For example, as you squat, you are lengthening your quads.
  3. Tissue Quality/Mobility — Muscle fiber alignment, along with the outer casing of muscle, and ensuring adequate blood flow. For example, after you tear a muscle, scar tissue forms and creates a web of tissue to protect the old tear. This web of tissue puts pressure on the muscle (creating a "knot") and does not receive good blood supply.

Most people stretch by doing flexibility exercises before a workout. As you 'now' know, this barely offers any gain.

When we choose mobility exercises, the outcome will be so much better....

Instead of Stretching: Strategically Release Tight Muscle Tissue

Step one to developing a customized muscle balancing program is figuring out your muscle imbalances and then linking this to why you're not getting optimal results.

So, let's begin by assessing your posture to find your muscle imbalances and fat loss blockades.

Correcting posture improves function of all muscle groups because correct posture equals a balanced body, and a balanced body means more strength from each muscle.

Step two is fixing your muscle imbalances and posture by choosing the right exercises. Depending on your specific situation, it may be better to choose flexibility exercises for some muscles, mobility for others, and/or to release tight tissues.

When we say 'release' tight muscle tissue, we're really talking about restoring the "slack", or forgiveness in your body. Restore your slack and your body will become resilient again.

Take a baby's body, for example, which has a lot of slack: it's very agile and resilient, much like a rubber band. Your body is designed to be resilient, too. The trouble is you may have run out of slack, or length.

You're not really "getting old", you're just running out of slack.

Your whole body has an extra 2.5cm of something called 'myofascia.' This layer of tissue is like a web that holds your body together, woven through every muscle, organ, bone, artery, and vein in your body. When you build a restriction (ie. knot) in a muscle, this web tightens and you use up your slack.

Release the knots in your muscles and restore your muscle length.

Restore muscle length and signal to your body that you're ready for more strength.

The Real Solution: Balance Your Body With Mission Unbreakable

Mission Unbreakable is a unique program, specifically designed to help you identify, correct, and enhance overall muscle tissue quality. Learn to assess your own posture, identify your own muscle imbalances, and then match your imbalances with a pinpoint solution on the MU Muscle Balancing Chart — this is just one of the turnkey components of Mission Unbreakable.

Let's take a closer look, so you can better understand how to balance out your body with Mission Unbreakable...

Mission Unbreakable — The Other Half of Fat Loss:

There are 3 'centers' of Mission Unbreakable, which allow you to follow the program in a very logical way You'll be amazed how easy this is to implement and get started:

1. Evaluation Center:

First, you need to assess your posture and evaluate your own muscle imbalances. Mission Unbreakable starts with a solution that allows you to customize your experience:

Muscle Imbalance & Postural Screening - results come from measurement and creating a baseline. Once you know if your right shoulder is higher than the left, or your low back is arched, you can work specifically on this postural abnormality and balance the muscles that have gotten out of whack as a result. - $19.95 value

Second, we have to see how you move, and whether or not your muscles can shorten and lengthen in a functional and sequential way. This is where you take 3 minutes to complete the:

Follow-Along Movement Screening Evaluation - it's time to identify if you're symmetrical when you move. By learning where your asymmetries in 'functional muscle length' are, you are creating balance with exercise. This step is the key determinant in preventing you from placing 70% of your weight through your left leg when doing a squat, for example. Do not skip this step. (never before offered outside of coaching program, which is $140/hour)

2. Tutorial Center:

Based off of your results, you'll choose a specific set of exercises from your:

Muscle Balancing Chart & Body Repair Video Lessons - once you identify your postural imbalances and potential muscle imbalances, you'll receive specific instruction on what to work on next. Plus, we've created demonstration videos for every exercise, stretch, or tissue release, along with close-ups for hard-to-see placement. - $29.95 value

You'll know exactly what to do in order to customize Mission Unbreakable for your specific muscle imbalances, postural issues, etc. so you can speed up fat loss and get a flat stomach.

3. Implementation Center:

About 15 minutes later — It's time to get started. Mission Unbreakable includes 3 unique and specific pre/post-workout routines:

  1. Follow-Along Flexibility - most people don't have a clue how to get more flexible, so they do the same stretches, over and over agin — with no specific plan of action. As it turns out, you may be working on the wrong 'kind' of flexibility, or even stretching a muscle incorrectly. - $19.95 value
  2. Follow-Along Mobility - mobility is what it takes to actively elongate and shorten your muscles. this is the difference between being able to stretch and hold a position versus functionally utilizing your muscle length with exercise. Once you resolve the basic flexibility issues, it's time to build “functional flexibility” into your workouts. - $19.95 value
  3. Follow-Along Tissue Release & Activation - scar tissue and muscle restrictions build all over your body. If you've ever had a knot in a muscle and someone’s massaged it, you know what I'm talking about. In this module, I show you the exact position and exercise to get rid of just about any knot in your body, but the fastest and most pain-free way possible. Most importantly, I show you how you can get rid of knots all of over your body and free tissue to receive blood flow once again, all in just 10 minutes. - $19.95 value

These are the 3 keys to rid your body of tissue restrictions, muscle aches, and muscular imbalances. Once you restore blood flow all over your body, remove knots and restrictions, and increase the length of short muscles, your body becomes primed for fat loss success.

These three 10 minute pre/post-workout follow-along music interval tracks have been designed with you in mind. The music tells you when to stop and start, the videos show you exactly where you're working and why, and the exercises automatically find and resolve any issue you have.

Now it's time to create the healthiest state in your body imaginable. I'll show you exactly what to do, and I'll guide you on your path to pain relief, flexibility, and fat loss. Once you restore your muscle length:tension (length to tension ratio), your muscles will be ready to grow, and your metabolism will be on fire.

Whenever you're unsure if it's time to progress in any department of "stretching," we'll have you use the:

Self-Diagnostic Checklist - think about this as a 'quick screening' for your overall flexibility, mobility, or tissue quality. Within 2-3 minutes, you can identify if any of these areas are creating more tightness for you than another and hone in on it, specifically. This is a laser-targeted approach to improving the 'quality' of every muscle in your body. - $9.95 value

Instead of another lame stretching program that has absolutely no specificity to your body, Mission Unbreakable helps you customize a flexibility workout to your specific needs, allowing you to repair your body and supercharge your results.

Functionally, your body is craving Mission Unbreakable. In this day and age, most of us deal with some form of pain or problem associated with prolonged sitting, standing, or reaching/grabbing activities. Getting your ‘slack back’ is what your body needs to be supple and pain-free.

As an aside, in addition to speeding up fat loss and helping you get more from every workout you do, here are some common ‘body issues’ that Mission Unbreakable has been proven to alleviate:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Low Back Pain/Lumbago
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Neck Pain/Cervicalgia
  • IT Band Friction Syndrome
  • Patellofemoral Syndrome (kneecap pain)
  • Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
  • “Tight hips”
  • “Tight back”
  • Sciatica
  • Stenosis
  • Muscle Strain/Sprain

To put this all together, it’s both strength and length that matter for your body to “win” when it comes to exercise. If you want to lose fat at your potential, build muscle as fast as possible, or rehab an injury, you have to balance your body first. Mission Unbreakable was designed to do this in the easiest and most user-friendly way imaginable, and it seems to work every time!

Your body wants to be balanced. It’s time you follow a step-by-step path to reviving your body, relieving aches and pains, and doubling the pace of your results.

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Yes there is... and it’s a BIG one.

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It really is that simple.

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Do You Have 10 Minutes To Repair
Your Body And Potentially Double Your Fat Loss
Or Muscle Building Results?

By now, you understand a few things:

  • Postural imbalances destroy results before you even get started.
  • It’s not as simple as just “stretching,” although there is a pinpoint-solution for your body that takes less time for a much greater effect.
  • You’ll see a huge effect on your body’s overall performance
  • This can seem a bit complex overwhelming in the beginning


  • You wont’ have to put years of research, experience, and consulting at top medical facilities and institutions in order to figure this all out.
  • I’ll show you all the “ins-and-outs” of what it takes to end pain and supercharge your body and results.
  • I’m practically going to hold-your-hand every step of the way, to ensure success.

You see, this is why I’m so proud of Mission Unbreakable. It solves “stretching for a better body” in such an effective and simple way. What’s more is that it’s totally guaranteed -- which clearly provides a huge upside, with virtually no downside.

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Trust me, if you even get half the results of my thousands of other clients,
you won’t be sorry.

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Your Friend & Body Consultant,

Dr. Kareem Samhouri, CSCS, HFS

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Q#1: What is Mission Unbreakable and why is it so effective?

Mission Unbreakable is a system of identifying your body’s imbalances and correcting them. It consists of an ‘evaluation section,’ a ‘tutorial section,’ and an ‘implementation section,’ which is a series of 10 minute pre/post-workout routines that rid your body of tissue restrictions, muscle aches and muscular imbalances by combining 3 key elements: mobility, flexibility and tissue release.

These simple routines have been designed with you in mind, using years of research and practice to create the most encompassing and effective method of repairing and protecting your body, in the shortest amount of time.

What’s more, the system is laid out in the most user-friendly way imaginable, featuring follow-along music interval tracks that tell you when to start and stop each routine.

Q#2: I’m a beginner, are the routines really difficult?

Not at all. Mission Unbreakable can be used for any level of fitness, and be effective. In fact, it’s perfect for beginners in that it activates your whole body and literally will make you feel younger, priming you for increased activity levels if that’s one of your goals.

Q#3: I get that you can restore your health, but what is Body Restoration?

Just as your health suffers from improper diet and care, your body suffers from poor maintenance before and after activity. Haphazardly “stretching” before a workout, as you’ve learned, has been proven to be potentially harmful to your body.

The Mission Unbreakable method chooses the right types of stretching for your body to prepare it for activity and help restore it’s natural slack.

Q#4: Is this a good use of my money, long term?

Without a doubt. It’s hard to put a price on a healthy body. Mission Unbreakable is a minimal investment for how you’ll feel after incorporating the program into your daily life.

Regardless of age or what kind of shape you’re in, the routines will always be an effective tool in keeping you energized and allowing you to exceed your current performance.

Q#5: What if my fitness goals have nothing to do with flexibility?

Flexibility is really just one of the benefits of Mission Unbreakable. In addition, the routines will help you recover faster, avoid injuries, stop aches, have a younger more athletic body, and I may have mentioned it before... DOUBLE your fat loss or muscle building results!

Q#6: What if I’m already pretty flexible?

That’s great! However, as you now know Mission Unbreakable’s benefits don’t just stop with flexibility. Not to mention, no matter how flexible you are, the combination of routines are scientifically designed to activate all muscle and tissue areas in your body - providing previously unexperienced levels of flexibility... and, more importantly, body balance. Flexible hamstrings with less flexible hip flexors is a catastrophe waiting to happen...

Q#7: What are the shipping costs going to be?

No shipping costs! The entire program will become immediately available to you via membership login and download after your purchase - no shipping fees, no waiting for results!

Q#8: What if I’m concerned about my current health or age and my ability to perform the program?

Not to worry - one of the best aspects of Mission Unbreakable is that it is designed for people of all ages and fitness levels. Actually, many of my star clients are in their 60’s.

That said, as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I always urge new clients to consult their physician prior to starting any new fitness program if they are suffering from some type of pre-existing condition or concerned in any way.

Q#9: What if I’m just a beginner?

Similar to the above question, the program is great for various levels of fitness. In fact, that was one of my main goals in creating Mission Unbreakable - to provide a program that could help a true beginner as well as someone with a more advanced level of fitness.

Q#10: Does the program work for both men and women?

Of course, truth be told our client base is practically split 50/50. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can have absolute confidence that you will get noticeable results, fast!

Q#11: What if I don’t get great results?

Then you pay nothing! With our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you have a full 60 days to evaluate the program (and the results), and if at any point you feel I’ve let you down, just let us know with a simple email and we’ll ensure you receive a prompt and courteous refund.

You see, I can make a guarantee like that for one simple reason: this system, when followed, works. I want to get it in your hands, I want to help you, and I want to take care of you. The burden to deliver is 100% on me—the only thing you need to do is let me prove it to you!

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There are few things in life as important to us as our bodies. The benefits we receive from having a fit, capable body goes beyond the physical aspects:

  • Imagine having the athletic body you always wanted...
  • Imagine recovering faster...
  • Imagine living pain free...
  • Imagine finally getting the results from your workouts that, frankly, you deserve...

The answer is here and now -- and this deal is not coming back. You’re committed to better health, but doubting either yourself or this program -- Stop it.

It’s time to put your trust in me. Let me hold your hand every step of the way... I promise, you’ll be very, very impressed.

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